Our Story & Concept

Founded in 2019, we are a Swedish jewellery brand inspired by Japanese aesthetics and Nordic nature. IKI is a concept in Japanese aesthetics to express simplicity, stylishness, spontaneity and originality. It also expresses human appreciation of natural beauty. ENSŌ is a Zen circle that expresses a moment when one’s mind is free to let the body create.

Everyone at any moment draws a unique Zen circle that represents one’s mind at that very specific moment and the acceptance of imperfection. We believe that being balanced is more important than being perfect. Life is perfectly imperfect. We treasure imperfections in all things because they are unique, and it is the uniqueness that gives things personalities. 

Our logo consist of two spontaneous and imperfect circles. It represents our concept of creativity, originality, spontaneity and uniqueness. Our designs are strongly inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the beauty of Nordic nature. Every piece of our jewellery is handcrafted in Japan with the Japanese artisan spirit. You will find every piece of the same design is slightly different. That is because we do not mass produce. We insist every piece should be carefully handcrafted and ensure that every piece has its own personality. 


Each piece of our jewellry is textured and has irregular shape, which is intentional. When you look at our jewellery, you will see the natural unevenness on the surface and finely structured lines. When you touch our jewellery you will feel the handcrafted textures, which gives you a feeling of warmth and down to earth. Our passion is to create unique jewellery for you, and ONLY for you!